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Speaking Out: Youth Led Research as a Methodology Used with Homeless Youth

Speaking Out: Youth Led Research as a Methodology Used with Homeless Youth
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This journal article describes a study that examined participatory action as a methodology for the homeless youth population. Participatory action research is well documented with other marginalized groups, but less so with homeless youth. The study recruited and trained 10 peer researchers who were homeless and between the ages of 18 and 25.  Several important themes emerged from the qualitative interviews conducted by the peer researchers with other homeless youth. The peer researchers reported individual benefits of feeling that participating in the project mattered, that people listened to them, and that they had a voice. In addition, the peer researchers perceived that homeless youth were more likely to talk to them in greater depth as peers compared with adults. Results indicate that youth-led research is a promising methodology for use among homeless youth. The peer researchers agreed that this approach could positively impact the quality and quantity of data that could be collected from youth participants.

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Gomez, R.J., Ryan, T.N.
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Journal Article
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Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal

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