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Disadvantaged Youth

Pathways to High-Quality Jobs for Young Adults

Pathways to High-Quality Jobs for Young Adults
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This report examines the quality of jobs held by a sample of 29-year-olds who experienced disadvantage in adolescence and whether employment, education, or training experiences predict better jobs among this population. Using longitudinal data, the researchers identified factors that contribute to job quality: work-based learning incorporating positive relationships with adults, early experiences in the labor market, and educational credentials and training. Based on their findings, the researchers provide recommendations to improve the employment prospects of young people growing up in disadvantaged households. This study is a collaboration between Child Trends and the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. (author abstract modified)

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Ross, M., Moore, K.A., Murphy, K., Bateman, N., Demand, A., Sacks, V.
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Paper/Research Report

Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program and Child Trends

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