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2022 Risky sexual behavior and STI testing among teens experiencing homelessness.

Halverson, M. Hatchimonji, D.R., Treglia, D., Flatley, C.A., Herbers, J.E., & Cutuli, J.J.

Journal Article
2022 Transitioning to independent living: Experiences of homeless young adults in rapid rehousing.

Gurdak, K., Bond, L., Padgett, D., & Petering, R

Journal Article
2022 Pregnancy and parenting support for youth experiencing homelessness.

Eapen, D.J.

Journal Article
2021 Relationship Between Sexual Activity, Contraceptive Utilization and Biopsychosocial Characteristics Among Homeless Shelter Adolescents.

Gaudet, B.A., Liu, N., Kayne, A.N., Jarvill, T.L., Zemanek, C., Downen, J.M., Cuadrado, H.M., Smith, A.B., Greenberg, M.R., Jacoby, J.L., & Quinones, J.N.

Journal Article
2021 Brief report: Youth homelessness, youthful caregiving, and resilience

Frederick, T.J., Vitopoulos, N., Stamatopoulos,V., & Kidd, S.A.

Journal Article
2021 Social network correlates of education and employment service use among youth experiencing homelessness: A longitudinal study.

DiGuiseppi, G., Clomax, A., Rampton Dodge, J., & Rice, E.

Journal Article
2021 " Life Skill Development and its Impact on Perceived Stress, Employment and Education Pursuits: A Study of Young Adults with a History of Homelessness and Trauma."

Beker, J., & DeAngelis, T. M.

2021 Investigating the impacts of COVID-19 among LGBTQ2S youth experiencing homelessness.

Abramovich, A., Pang, N., Moss, A., Logie, C.H., Chaiton, M., Kidd, S.A., & Hamilton, H.A.

Journal Article
2021 Queer homelessness: the distinct experiences of sexuality and trans-gender diverse youth, Journal of LGBT Youth.

Hail-Jares, K., Vichta-Ohlsen, R., Butler, T.M. & Byrne, J.

Journal Article
2021 Using research to improve postsecondary education outcomes of community college students in foster care.

Havlicek J, Dworsky A, Gitlow E.