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The Bernese Program against Victimization in Kindergarten and Elementary School

Alsaker, F. D.,
Valkanover, S.
Year Published: 2012
Journal Article
Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
New Directions for Youth Development, 2012(133):15-28, Spring 2012.
University of Berne, Switzerland

Ideally, bullying prevention should start in kindergarten and elementary school, these authors say. Studies focusing on victimization in kindergarten have shown that the rate at which victimization occurs in the early childhood years is comparable to that in grade school and that it has the same negative consequences for young children. In this article the authors describe the Bernese Program against Victimization in Kindergarten and Elementary School (Be-Prox), which trains teachers how to effectively handle bullying between young children. Be-Prox is based on well-known principles used in school programs against bullying and in various programs for developing social-cognitive skills training. The authors describe the program modules and implementation model, and present findings from an evaluation confirming that Be-Prox works and that it is possible to conduct bullying prevention in kindergarten.

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