5 Essential Facts and Figures About Runaway and Homeless Youth

Aerial view of Los Angeles, California
According to Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness in America, around one in 10 young adults ages 18 to 25 and at least one in 30 youth ages 13 to 17 experience unaccompanied homelessness within a 12-month period. This equates to about 4.2 million youth and young adults in the U.S., about the same as the population of Los Angeles.

Runaway and homeless youth (RHY) can seem like an invisible population because they don’t always match our expectations of what homelessness—or youth—looks like. In this slideshow, learn some of the big statistics about this population, which might be larger and more diverse than you realized. Data drawn from our Issue Brief, Facts and Figures About Runaway and Homeless Youth.