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National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Youth Mental Health & Homelessness: Looking Upstream for Solutions. Social Work Today, 22(2), 16.

Kull, M., Griffin, A.M., Alexcee, A., & Farrell, A.F.
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Journal Article
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Social Work Today

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Youth homelessness may be less visible, but it occurs during an important developmental window, one in which precious energies should be committed to aspiration and growth rather than a struggle to meet basic needs for safety, food, clothing, and shelter. The authors describe missed opportunities, mental health threats, and the diverse and common characteristics of homelessness. Several US communities are currently using screening tools and programs which have had successful outcomes intervening with school-aged students in Australia. The authors explore these positive practices as well as preventive measures, and next steps for communities seeking to address youth homelessness.