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National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Job Training for Youth with Justice Involvement: A Toolkit. National Youth Employment Coalition.

O’Sullivan, K., Spangler, D., Showalter, T., & Bennett, R.
Type new
Paper/Research Report
Year published new

Youth with justice involvement face a complex web of bias, racial discrimination, and structural barriers that prevent them from living healthy and productive lives. The federally funded workforce-development system has the potential to help these youth become economically self-sufficient and increase their chances of success–and has a statutory mandate to serve the hardest-to-serve young people. Collaboration among workforce partners, courts, and the various agencies that make up the juvenile-justice system can create an ecosystem of alternatives that keep young people safe in their community. This toolkit, directed at practitioners and leaders in the juvenile-justice system and others with limited familiarity with the workforce development system:
• Outlines evidence-based practices in youth workforce development,
• Provides an overview of the workforce system funded under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA),
• Makes recommendations for how to make WIOA-funded services work better for youth with justice involvement at the local level, and
• Lays out some key steps to forming effective interagency partnerships. These ideas are illustrated by success stories from around the country.

Electronically published journal article, but not part of an issue