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National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

An examination of housing interventions among youth experiencing homelessness: an investigation into racial/ethnic and sexual minority status

Hill, C., Hsu, H., Holguin, M., Morton, M., Winetrobe, H., et al.
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Journal Article
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Journal of Public Health


Objectives The purpose of this study is to explore main and interaction effects of minority and multiple minority statuses on exits from homelessness and the stability of homelessness exits over time.
Methods This study utilized the Homeless Management Information System administrative data of 10,922 youth experiencing homelessness collected from a convenience sample of 16 geographically diverse communities across the USA between 2015–17. Using multinomial logistic regression analyses and logistic regression, main effects and interaction effects of racial/ethnic minority identity and sexual/gender minority identity were examined on various homelessness exits (n = 9957) and housing sustainability (n = 5836).
Results Black youth, relative to White youth, were disproportionately exiting homelessness through incarceration (P Conclusions With respect to housing exits and exit stability, Black and Latinx heterosexual youth are consistently at a disadvantage. Homelessness/housing systems and programs need to conduct a deeper investigation into how they implement and develop equitable outreach and engagement practices.

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