Wraparound for Older Youth and Young Adults: Providers' Views on Whether and How to Adapt Wraparound

Walker, J.S.,
Baird, C.
Paper/Research Report
Published: January, 2019
National Wraparound Initiative and Research and Training Center on Pathways to Positive Futures

This collaborative report from the National Wraparound Initiative and the Pathways Research and Training Center at Portland State looks at how providers modify the Wraparound approach when working with older youth and young adults. The authors conducted a qualitative analysis by conducting interviews with facilitators, peer support providers, and program managers in eight states. This report presents a summary of these interviews and offers suggestions for training and technical assistance for Wraparound programs working with older youth and adults based on these findings. (author abstract modified)

Available for free download on the Children's Mental Health Network website at: https://www.cmhnetwork.org/resources/10298/
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