Voices from the Bench: Judicial Perspectives on Handling Child Sex Trafficking Cases

Bohannan, T.
Cullen, C.
Devault, A.
Ely, C.
Siegel, G.
Trescher, S.
Paper/Research Report
Published: January, 2019
National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Technical Assistance Bulletin

This report discusses how the juvenile justice system has generally handled domestic child sex trafficking (DCST) cases and how victim-centered approaches are now emerging from the field. The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges interviewed judges from different areas of the country, both urban and rural, who have implemented court-based reforms for DCST cases. This report presents the major themes and lessons learned from these interviews and serves as a practical guide for judges who wish to improve outcomes for the children and youth involved in their DCST cases.

Available for free download on the NCJFCJ website at: https://www.ncjfcj.org/DCST-Judicial-Voices
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