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National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Measuring Our Success: Campus Supports for College Students Experiencing Food & Housing Insecurity.

California Homeless Youth Project
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Paper/Research Report
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California Homeless Youth Project


In January 2019, the California Homeless Youth Project (CHYP), an initiative of the California Research Bureau, be¬gan a study to explore the supply of resources available to students experiencing housing insecurity and home¬lessness at California’s public colleges and universities. This study builds on a previous CHYP report by looking in-depth at the types of resources campuses offer that help students meet their basic needs. It also builds on a growing body of research on food and housing insecurity in higher education—and the actions that are being taken to address these challenges—on a system-wide, state, and national level. The findings in this report are based on information collected from campus websites, phone calls, and emails with higher education staff in order to determine which of California’s public colleges and universities offer resources that address basic needs insecurity. Specifically, we determined if campuses offer year-round student housing, emergency housing, emergency grants, short-term loans, food resources, and advisors and programs for foster youth and students experiencing homelessness. This study looked at 44 percent of the 114 California Community Colleges (CCCs) and all of the California State Universities (CSUs) and Universities of California (UCs).

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