Equity Counts: Using Data to Increase Equity and Improve Metric Outcomes for Opportunity Youth

Towns, S.
Paper/Research Report
Published: September, 2019
Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions

This report from the Aspen Institute presents findings from the Equity Counts Data Collection Pilot (DCP) study of six Opportunity Youth Forum (OYF) communities. Opportunity youth are defined as 16- to 24-year-olds who are out of work and school. Together, these six pilot sites developed a new set of OY measures and data collection methodologies to improve youth outcomes. These new measures include the rate at which opportunity youth are disconnected from the community overall, high school, postsecondary education, and the workforce. The report summaries the launch and the first-year results of the Equity Counts study as well as the next steps. (author abstract modified)

Available for free download on Aspen Insitute FCS website at: https://aspencommunitysolutions.org/report/equity-counts-using-data-to-increase-equity-and-improve-metric-outcomes-for-opportunity-youth/
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