Developmental Consequences of Homelessness for Young Parents and Their Children

Kull, M.A.
Dworsky, A
Horwitz, B.
Farrell, A.F.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2019
Journal Name: 
Zero to Three Journal
Volume: 39

Issue: 4

This article introduces the topic of homelessness among young people who are parenting young children. According to the data presented in this article, 12 to 27% of families who experience homelessness are headed by a parent under age 25, and most have children under age 6. The authors discuss how homelessness can interfere with the optimal health and development for both the young parents and their children. They suggest developmentally appropriate services and supports for both the parents and children that include resources to help them become economically self-sufficient. The authors discuss the two-generation approach that typically involves education, career training, and employment opportunities as well as programs for parent and child health and well-being. (author abstract modified)

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