Understanding the Link Between Victimization and Alcohol Use Among Homeless Youth Using Ecological Momentary Assessment

Tyler, K.A.,
Olson, K.,
Ray, C.M.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2018
Journal Name: 
Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World
Volume: 4


This journal article describes a study that used ecological momentary assessment to look at victimization and alcohol use among homeless youth. Prior research on this topic was retrospective and thus did not capture the sequencing of events. The researchers used short message service surveying with 150 homeless youth ages 16 to 22 over 30 days. The results reveal that experiencing physical or sexual victimization on a specific day was positively associated with youth’s drinking alcohol later that day. Because this study method allows for such specificity, the authors contend that they can link a specific victimization experience with a current drinking episode. Thus, the time ordering of daily events in the current study is a significant improvement over prior research. Understanding the timing between victimization and drinking alcohol is also important for intervention with this underserved population. (author abstract modified)


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