Still Hungry and Homeless in College

Goldrick-Rab, S.
Richardson, J.
Schneider, J.
Hernandez, A.
Cady, C.
Paper/Research Report
Published: April, 2018
Wisconsin HOPE Lab

This is the third report in a series from the Wisconsin Hope Lab that examines food and housing insecurity among undergraduates in the US. The first two reports focused on community college students, while this report presents findings from a survey of students attending four-year institutions. The researchers found 36 percent of university students reported being food insecure in the 30 days preceding the survey compared with 42 percent of community college students. Similarly, 36 percent of university students reported being housing insecure in the last year compared with 51 percent of community college students. Homelessness was 9 percent versus 12 percent, respectively. The researchers contend these findings indicate unmet basic needs disproportionately affect more marginalized students who often work long hours in addition to their academic workloads. (author abstract modified)

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