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National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness in Rural America

Morton, M.H., Dworsky, A., Samuels, G.M., Patel, S.
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Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago


This is the fifth in a series of Research-to-Impact briefs by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago to understand and address youth homelessness. This brief presents new evidence on the distinctive issues of youth homelessness in rural communities nationwide. Limitations in the data about youth homelessness in rural America have kept this issue somewhat hidden compared with urban communities; however, research shows that youth homelessness is as common in rural counties as it is in nonrural counties. This brief outlines the key findings of what youth homelessness looks like in rural areas and offers recommendations for policymakers, local stakeholders, and practitioners to improve the services and supports for this often-underserved youth population.


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