LGBTQ+ Young Adults on the Street and on Campus: Identity as a Product of Social Context

Schmitz, R. ,
Tyler, K.A.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2018
Journal Name: 
Journal of Homosexuality
Volume: 65

Issue: 2

This journal article describes a study designed to compare the experiences of LGBTQ college students with those of LGBTQ homeless youth. The predominant framework of performing separate analyses on samples of LBGTQ young people by their primary social context obfuscates more holistic understandings of the role of social context. This limitation largely inhibits service providers and policymakers in establishing more widespread interventions for LGBTQ youth across multiple social contexts. The researchers conducted 46 in-depth interviews with LGBTQ college students and LGBTQ homeless young adults. In developing personal identities, both groups of LGBTQ youth navigated their social environments to seek out resources and support. Most college students indicated that the educational context was conducive to helping overcome rigid norms of gender and sexuality. In contrast, the social environments of homeless LGBTQ youth imposed complex barriers to self-expression that reinforced more normative expectations of gender and sexual identities. (author abstract modified)

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