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Does Natural Mentoring Matter? A Multilevel Meta-analysis on the Association Between Natural Mentoring and Youth Outcomes

Van Dam, L., Smit, D., Wildschut, B., Branje, S.J.T., Rhodes, J.E., Assink, M., Stams, G.J.J.M
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Journal Article
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American Journal of Community Psychology

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This journal article presents findings from a meta-analysis on the relationship between natural mentoring and youth outcomes. The researchers contend that natural mentoring relationships foster positive youth development and buffer against negative outcomes. They conducted separate analyses on the presence of natural mentoring and the quality of the natural mentoring relationship. They found that social-emotional and academic-vocational functioning of a youth benefitted the most from a natural mentor. The researchers conclude that the presence of a natural mentor is related to positive youth outcomes and the quality of the natural mentoring relationship can increase those positive outcomes.

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