Crisis Response With Street-involved Youth

Kozloff, N.,
Bergmans, Y.,
Snider, C.,
Langley, J.,
Stergiopoulos, V.
Book Chapter
Year Published: 2018
Toronto, Canada: Canadian Observatory on Homelessness Press
Book Title: 
Mental Health and Addiction Interventions for Youth Experiencing Homelessness: Practical Strategies for Front-line Providers
Book Author(s)/Editor(s): 
Kidd, S.
Slesnick, N.
Frederick, T.
Karabanow, J.
Gaetz, S.

This book chapter describes basic strategies service providers can use to keep themselves, their clients, and other clients as safe as possible during a crisis. It also discusses how, at the same time, service providers can affirm clients in their strength and resilience in surviving and assure them that they will be supported, not abandoned. It discusses situations among homeless youth such as injury due to violence and suicidality, and how these crisis situations may be de-escalated. It stresses that service providers should not hesitate to involve other caregivers and professionals during a crisis and that ignoring the risk of escalation to repeat injury, aggression, and suicide will not make it go away. 

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