Adolescent Connectedness With Parents Promotes Resilience Among Homeless Youth

Aggerbeck Kessler, K.M.,
Chatterjee, D.,
Shlafer, R.,
Barnes, A.J.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2018
Journal Name: 
Volume: 5

Issue: 96

This journal article describes a study that compared internal assets, including social competence and positive self-identity, between homeless and housed youth and examined whether connectedness with parents moderates the association between homelessness and internal assets. Using data from a large population-based survey of middle- and high-school students, the researchers found that homelessness was associated with lower levels of internal assets and parent connectedness compared with non-homeless youth. However, the study also found that homeless and housed youth who had higher connections with a parent had higher developmental assets than youth who reported low parent connectedness. These findings suggest that high connectedness can partially ameliorate the disparity in internal assets for homeless youth and provide a potential pathway of resilience for these young people. (author abstract modified)

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