Youth Homelessness and Vulnerability: How Does Couch Surfing Fit?

Curry, S.R.,
Morton, M.,
Matjasko, J.L.,
Dworsky, A.,
Samuels, G.M.,
Schlueter, D.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2017
Journal Name: 
American Journal of Community Psychology
Volume: 60

Issue: 1-2

This journal article presents emerging findings regarding couch surfing and youth homelessness. The authors use data from a national survey of 13,113 adults with youth ages 13 to 25 in their households or who are themselves ages 18 to 25. Findings suggest that couch surfing is relatively common, particularly among the older age group in this study. Households with youth in these age ranges reported couch surfing in the last 12 months: 4 percent among the younger youth and 20 percent among the older youth. The authors found notable social, economic, and educational differences between youth reporting homelessness and those reporting only couch surfing. However, most youth who reported experiencing homelessness also reported couch surfing. Youth who experienced both circumstances presented high levels of socioeconomic vulnerability. (author abstract modified)

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