Resident Perspectives on Life in a Transitional Living Program for Homeless Young Adults

Curry, S.R.
Petering, R.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2017
Journal Name: 
Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal
Volume: 34

Issue: 6

This journal article describes a study using a qualitative approach to explore the perceptions of homeless young adults about their experiences as residents of a transitional living program (TLP). The ages of the residents range from 18 to 22. The study asked the TLP residents about their expectations for themselves and others in the program and their perception of the TLP rules and structure. The results show the participants value hard work, self-discipline, and positive attitudes. However, they feel the TLP rules are often excessive and inflexible. The authors conclude that these programs should ensure the rules do not interfere with the healthy development and successful transition among the residents.

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