Parenting Under Pressure: Experiences of Parenting While Aging Out of Foster Care

Schelbe, L.,
Geiger, J.M.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2017
Journal Name: 
Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal
Volume: 34

Issue: 1

This journal article describes a study that examined the parenting experiences of 33 youth aging out of foster care. The sample includes 21 mothers and 12 fathers ages 17 to 23 who have between one and four children. The researchers recruited participants from agencies serving youth aging out of foster care and through local contacts. They purposefully selected the sample to reflect the heterogeneity of the mid-Atlantic urban county’s child welfare system population. Findings show the participants balanced the joys of parenting with the many pressures and challenges they faced in part due to limited resources and support. These young parents were motivated to improve the lives of their children and worried about their children becoming involved with the child welfare system. The researchers discuss implications for practice, policy, and future research about youth aging out. (author abstract modified)

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