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Implementation of Human Trafficking Education and Treatment Algorithm in the Emergency Department

Egyud, A., Stephens, K., Swanson-Bierman, B., DiCuccio, M., Whiteman, K.
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Journal Article
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Journal of Emergency Nursing

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This journal article describes a project to implement a screening system and treatment algorithm in an emergency department (ED) to improve the identification and rescue of human trafficking victims. After conducting a literature review on human trafficking, a multidisciplinary team completed a gap analysis between evidence-based best practices and current practices of a level 2 trauma center at a community hospital in southwestern Pennsylvania. The project ED had no standardized education or screening process for human trafficking. The project used a two-pronged identification approach that included embedding medical red flags from a risk-assessment tool into the electronic medical record and creating a silent notification process. Survey results from the ED participants indicated 75 percent reported that the education improved their competence level about human trafficking. The team assessed the success of implementation by the number of victims whom ED staff identified through either approach and how many accepted intervention.


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