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National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Evaluation of Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking Demonstration Projects: Final Report From the First Cohort of Projects

Walters, J.H., Krieger, K., Kluckman, M., Feinberg, R., Orme, S., Asefnia, N., Gremminger, M., Gibbs, D.
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Paper/Research Report
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RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC


This report documents the experiences of the first cohort of Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking Demonstration Projects awarded as cooperative agreements in 2014. The intent of the demonstration program is to enhance organizational and community capacity to identify domestic victims of human trafficking and deliver comprehensive case management and trauma-informed, culturally relevant services through a system of referrals and the formation of community partnerships. The three projects were located in Maricopa and Pima Counties, AZ, New York City, and Salt Lake City, UT. Key findings of the cross-site process evaluation include: 1) Projects undertook a variety of activities and collaborated with numerous partners to develop and expand organizational and community capacity to identify and serve trafficking victims; 2) Projects diverse backgrounds, target populations, and partners shaped implementation of unique configurations and service models across projects; 3) 341 clients participated in case management services, 95 percent of whom were sex trafficked and 25 percent were labor trafficked; and 4) Projects met many clients needs; however, lack of appropriate, accessible services and individual-level client factors were key barriers to service engagement and delivery.  


Available free of charge from the Administration for Children and Families, Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation:….

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