Comprehensive Care Model for Sex Trafficking Survivors

Twigg, N.M.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2017
Journal Name: 
Journal of Nursing Scholarship
Volume: 49

Issue: 3

This journal article describes a study that aimed to identify what aftercare services are available to domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) survivors through residential treatment centers in the United States. The researchers identified 10 residential treatment centers that met their inclusion criteria for this qualitative study. They interviewed staff from five different residential treatment centers that provide services exclusively to DMST survivors. The participants described the range of services offered to meet the needs of survivors after their trafficking experience. Their responses helped the researchers expand upon an aftercare model developed in 2011 to include education re-entry, family reunification, family reconciliation, and emergency substance use services. This study helps refine the earlier aftercare service delivery model and lays the foundation to develop best practice guidelines for providing aftercare services to DMST survivors.

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Comprehensive Care Model for Sex Trafficking Survivors | National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth & Families


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