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National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Child Human Trafficking: See, Pull, Cut the Threads of Abuse

Normandin, P.A.
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Journal Article
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Journal of Emergency Nursing

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This journal article describes human trafficking as a hidden public health epidemic with an estimated 199,000 youth as young as 12-years-old who are victims. Given the covert nature of this criminal activity and the lack of self-disclosure by victims, the author encourages health care providers, particularly emergency nurses, to learn about the subtle signs of potential human trafficking among children and youth. Emergency nurses should look for young patients who present with tattoos, poor personal hygiene, suspicious injuries of abuse, and lack of medical and dental care. They should also observe the interaction between the youth and the accompanying adult. Do they seem related? Do they arrive at the hospital without any identification or documentation? Is the history provided consistent with the main reason for seeking medical attention? In addition to medical signs of trafficking, the author recommends that emergency nurses understand the legal aspects of this issue.


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