Barriers to Success: Moving Toward a Deeper Understanding of Adversity's Effects on Adolescents

Porche, M.V.,
Zaff, J.F.,
Pan, J.
Paper/Research Report
Published: March, 2017
America's Promise Alliance
Center for Promise

This report from the Center for Promise presents findings from four studies on adversity among youth and their primary caregivers. This report refers to Adverse Life Experience (ALE) to describe the multitude of severe challenges youth may face throughout their adolescence, which goes beyond the definition of Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE). Collectively, the studies found a high rate of ALEs among young people with disparities in exposure by income, maternal education, and race and ethnicity. Furthermore, the studies indicate that relationships could mitigate the effects of ALEs for youth and their caregivers. The authors offer recommendations for practitioners and policymakers to help lessen the negative outcomes of multiple adversities on the lives of America’s youth.

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