Solutions for Youth: An Evaluation of the Latin American Youth Center's Promotor Pathway Program

Theodos, B.,
Pergamit, M.R.,
Derian, A.,
Edelstein, S.,
Stolte, A.
Paper/Research Report
Published: April, 2016
Urban Institute

This report describes an evaluation of an intensive client management program, called Promotor Pathway, that aims to help high-risk and disconnected youth overcome significant life obstacles such as lack of education, homelessness, trauma, substance abuse, and court involvement. The Washington, DC-based Latin American Youth Center launched this program is 2008. At the core of the program is the premise that long-term, positive relationships with caring adults, or promotors, is the most important factor in helping youth reach their goals. The team of Urban Institute evaluators conducted a randomized controlled trial to assess whether the Promotor Pathway program improved the outcomes of youth in educational attainment, employment, reduced births, residential stability, and reduced risk-taking behaviors. They found that youth who had a promotor were more likely than the control group to use services by the end of the 18-month trial period. The youth with promotors were up to 30 percent more likely to receive services for mental health counseling, substance use, public assistance, and legal problems.

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