Hidden in Plain Sight: Homeless Students in America's Public Schools

Ingram, E.S.
Bridgeland, J.M.
Reed, B.
Atwell, M.
Published: June, 2016
Civic Enterprises and Hart Research Associates

This executive summary provides key findings from a study released by America’s Promise Alliance, a leader of the GradNation campaign, that looked at the high school graduation rates of homeless students. This study coincided with the first Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requirement for states and local school districts to report this data. The study examined the broader issue of student homelessness by interviewing and surveying current and formerly homeless students and the federally mandated state coordinators and local liaisons assigned to work with them. In addition to providing an overview of existing research on student homelessness, this study sheds light on the challenges homeless students face and the supports they need to succeed. The researchers provide recommendations for how educators, policymakers, and community organizations can help students cope with homelessness, graduate from high school, and get on a path to adult success.


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Available for free download on America's Promise website at: http://www.americaspromise.org/report/hidden-plain-sight
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Hidden in Plain Sight: Homeless Students in America's Public Schools | National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth & Families


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