National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

Youth Worker Handbook

Schroeder, D.
Year Published: Not Dated
Women in Community Service
Women in Community Service

The author of this handbook provides an introduction to practicing youth development, and deepens and broadens readers' approach to working with youth. The handbook focuses on a positive youth development approach and draws from the Advancing Youth Development Curriculum created by the Center for Youth Development and Policy Research, the Academy for Educational Development and the National Network for Youth. There are italicized questions throughout the handbook which can be used to guide reflection. It is formatted with black space on each page to allow readers to jot down questions, thoughts and ideas that arise. The handbook begins with a description of youth development in general, which is defined as "an intentional approach to working with young people." The author addresses the benefits of practicing youth development. She explains what developmental outcomes are, and examines two categories of youth outcomes; aspects of identity and areas of ability. The author also addresses, in narrative and table form, indicators of achieving developmental youth outcomes. Other topics include providing opportunities for young people, exploring assumptions about youth, youth participation, and youth-adult partnerships. The handbook concludes with a glossary of terms.

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