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Violence Against Oglala Women is Not Lakota Tradition: Handbook

Mousseau, M.,
Artichoker, K.
Year Published: Not Dated
Cangleska, Inc.
Administration of Children and Families, Office of Community Services

In this 43-page Handbook, the authors address the issue of domestic violence among Native American communities. They explain that one way the Oglala Lakota Nation is attempting to deal with this issue is the Spouse Abuse Ordinance. The Handbook is designed to provide readers with information about domestic violence, including tribal laws, options and available resources. The authors address issues such as power and control, intimidation, isolation, coercion and threats, and using children as weapons in the areas of physical, sexual, emotional, economic, cultural and ritual abuse. They provide information on legal options and how to help others who are experiencing domestic violence. Other topics addressed are the role of alcohol in abuse, blaming the victim, and early warning signs.

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