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Understanding Public Health Research: A Primer for Youth Workers

National Network for Youth
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Multipage issue brief
National Network for Youth
Issue Brief 4
Safe Choices Project, National Network for Youth

Youth-service professionals routinely collect, analyze, interpret, and report data and statistics, often about the adolescents who seek services at their agencies. Youth-service professionals must deal with public health data to plan programs, assess skills of and hire agency staff, submit reports to grant agencies, and publish literature to guide programs. Yet many of these same professionals have never received formal training in bio-statistics of public health research methods. The purpose of this issue brief is to serve as a resource for youth-serving professionals who wish to advance their understanding and knowledge of some of the basic terms and tools of this research. This brief defines the terms and measures commonly used in public health research and practice; and it introduces some of the fundamental principles and methods of that research, including epidemiology and biostatistics. Modified Author Abstract.

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