Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture

Center for a New American Dream
Year Published: Not Dated
Center for a New American Dream
Center for a New American Dream

In this brochure, the Center for a New American Dream strives to help parents raise healthy children in a fast-paced, consumerist society. The authors begin by presenting research on the impact of advertising on children as young as six months, as well as the rate of child spending and their influence over parental spending. They also present information on the amount of time children in the U.S. spend watching television, and, therefore, advertising. The authors then focus on how parents can take positive steps to protect their children from this environment of consumerism. Their advice spans from teaching children the value of money, turning off the television, guarding family time, and supporting commercial-free schools. The authors also discuss how to teach children to be responsible consumers. The brochure concludes with information about the Center for a New American Dream and its supporters.

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