Starting a School Outreach Program in Your Community: An Effective Practices Outline for the School Resource Officer Approach

Center for the Prevention of School Violence
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Center for the Prevention of School Violence
Promising Practices to Prevent School Violence
Center for the Prevention of School Violence

This handbook was designed by the Center for the Prevention of School Violence, an interinstitutional service center of the University of North Carolina system. The resource book offers approaches that communities can take to address the problem of school violence. It is an outline designed to help communities implement School Resource Officer (SRO) programs in their schools. The publication is divided into three parts: "Part I: Planning a School Outreach Program," "Part II: Implementing the Program," and "Part III: Institutionalizing the Program." In Part I, the guide highlights activities for applying a comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional approach that is characterized by service integration. The activities include establishing leadership within the community finding funding for the program, and creating specific strategies and goals for the program. Part II of the outline focuses on how an SRO program can be conducted. It explains what such a program requires, based upon research into the successes and failures of current programs. Part III of the outline gives a broad overview of the entire school outreach program, with the intention of helping local officials maintain and potentially expand such a program, so it becomes an ongoing part of the community's efforts to address school violence. With the outline's broader perspectives in Parts I and III, Part II is intended to help officials tailor their own program through recruiting volunteers and establishing relationships among the various community organizations.

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