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Start Talking to Your Kids About Not Smoking: They'll Listen

Parenting TEENS
Year Published: Not Dated
Parenting TEENS
Philip Morris USA Youth Smoking Prevention

The purpose of this booklet is to look at why kids try smoking and what parents can do to prevent them from smoking. In three easy-to-read sections, the authors provide parents and caregivers with real life experiences, expert opinions, and information to help talk with kids. In the first section, "Talk the Talk," the authors say that when it comes to smoking, it's never too early or too late to start talking to kids. They provide suggestions for conversation starters. The second section, "Kid's-Eye View," presents information found through the process of talking to high school students about smoking. The authors then present responses of experts to this information, along with the experts' advice for parents on how to communicate with their children based on this information. Finally, in "FYI," the authors present information about books and Internet Web sites (for parents and for kids) that will help individuals learn more about communicating with teenagers about smoking.

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