National Clearinghouse on Homeless Youth and Families

The Rights of Teen Parents Who Are In Foster Care

Winter, B.,
Ketcher, M. A.
Year Published: Not Dated
Bronx Legal Services
Bronx Legal Services

In this seven-page document, the authors present the legal rights of teenage parents in foster care. The authors present the rights, and then explain the legal background to back up that right, as well as the exceptions to the rule. The rights discussed include the fact that a parent in foster care does not have to sign any papers in order to have a child live with them. The authors also present considerable information about voluntary placement agreements and permanency hearings, as well as how to find a lawyer. They write at length about the foster youth's right to preventive services and the relationship between the foster youth and their caseworker. Finally, the authors address the issue of how long children can stay in foster care before a foster youth's parental rights are terminated.

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