Teens & Online Video: Shooting, Sharing, Streaming and Chatting - Social Media Using Teens are the Most Enthusiastic Users of Many Online Video Capabilities

Lenhart, A.
Paper/Research Report
Year Published: 2012
Pew Research Center
Pew Internet & American Life Project, May 2012, 13 pages.
Pew Research Center

Some 95 percent of teens 12-17 use the Internet, according to this survey of 799 teens conducted between April and July 2011. Participating teens were asked about a number of online behaviors, and results for three video-oriented activities are highlighted in this report. Thirty-seven percent of Internet users ages 12-17 said they participated in video chats with others using applications such as Skype, Googletalk or iChat. Girls were more likely than boys to video chat, and white youth were more likely to video chat than Latino youth. Twenty-seven percent of teen Internet users recorded and uploaded video to the internet. Compared to 2006, when boys were nearly twice as likely as girls to upload video, boys and girls in this study were equally likely to report this activity. Thirteen percent of internet-using teens streamed video live to the Internet for other people to watch. Social media users were much more likely than non-users to engage in all three video behaviors studied.

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