Strategic Sharing Workbook: Youth Voice in Advocacy

Lulow, E.,
Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health
Year Published: 2012
Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health
Portland, OR: Research and Training Center for Pathways to Positive Futures

This workbook was created for youth who have experienced traumatic life experiences and are interested in sharing their stories in an effort to promote change. Whenever you engage in an advocacy event, the authors say, you should have the concepts of Strategic Sharing in mind and be well practiced in them. This is so you can be effective in getting your message across, and keep yourself safe when doing so. The workbook can help prepare you to share your experiences to promote positive changes for yourself and/or others. It gives you the opportunity to learn and practice Strategic Sharing concepts in a safe and structured way that will put you at less risk for negative consequences. There are five sections that introduce different Strategic Sharing concepts, and then test your knowledge of each concept through quizzes and other exercises. After you have learned these concepts, you have the opportunity to develop a bio for yourself (for use when someone asks you to participate in an event).

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