Expanding Time for Learning Both Inside and Outside the Classroom

Redd, Z.,
Boccanfuso, C.,
Walker, K.,
Princiotta, D.,
Knewstub, D.,
Moore, K.
Year Published: 2012
Child Trends
The Wallace Foundation

In this report, the authors synthesize what is known about the effectiveness of school and program interventions that aim to address deficiencies and inequities in academic achievement and educational attainment by expanding learning opportunities for students both inside and outside of school. First, they introduce and frame the topic by providing background on the educational system in the United States and the need for improving the system to better support optimal achievement and attainment outcomes. Then, they examine the available literature on models in which districts or schools expand either the length of the day that young people must be in school or the number of days in the school year. Next, they summarize the effects of social intervention programs that expand learning opportunities outside of the school day by providing at least one academic component as a part of their regular program offerings. Finally, the authors offer a set of conclusions and recommendations based on what they learned from their investigations. Modified Author Abstract.

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