What is the Therapeutic Alliance and Why Does it Matter?

Manso, A.,
Rauktis, M. E.
Year Published: 2011
Reclaiming Children and Youth
Reclaiming Children and Youth, 19(4); 45-50: Winter 2011
Reclaiming Children and Youth

The most important task of teacher-counselors in Re-ED programs is to build a trusting relationship with youth, say these authors. This trusting relationship, the foundation for all other Re-ED principles, can be thought of as therapeutic alliance, which refers to the working relationship between a client and a helping professional. In this article, the authors highlight research on the therapeutic alliance with troubled children and youth, including studies at Pressley Ridge. Founded in 1832, Pressley Ridge serves troubled youth and families through education, foster care, and community-based and residential services. Grounded in Re-ED principles, the relationships between staff and youth are considered paramount. These authors review research on the therapeutic alliance in treatment foster care, education, and residential care at Pressley Ridge, and offer suggestions for improving the quality of this alliance.

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