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Shifting Boundaries: Final Report on an Experimental Evaluation of a Youth Dating Violence Prevention Program in New York City Middle Schools

Taylor, B.,
Stein, N. D.,
Woods, D.,
Mumford, E.
Report (322 pages)
Year Published: 2011
U.S. Department of Justice
Document No. 236175
National Institute of Justice (Grant No. 2008-MU-MU-0010)

These authors assessed the effectiveness of a youth dating violence prevention program in New York City middle schools. Thirty public middle schools were randomly assigned to a school-based intervention, and within these schools 117 sixth- and seventh-grade classes (over 2,500 students) were randomly assigned to the classroom-based Shifting Boundaries intervention. Participating students were 10-15 years old and of diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds. Outcomes were evaluated using both quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups. Overall, the "building only" intervention and the "both" interventions were effective at reducing dating violence and sexual harassment. The success of the "building only" intervention is particularly important because it can be implemented with very few extra costs to schools. However, classroom sessions alone were not effective. Finally, the focus groups indicated that the interventions were implemented with high fidelity and that teachers liked and were supportive of the interventions. They also confirmed the positive survey results related to the interventions? effectiveness.

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