A Risk and Resilience Framework for Child, Youth, and Family Policy

Jenson, Jeffrey M.,
Fraser, Mark W.
Year Published: 2011
Sage Publications, Inc.
J. M. Jenson & M. W. Fraser, Social Policy for Children and Families (pp. 5-24). California: Sage.
University of Denver, USA

This volume evolved from a growing recognition that knowledge gained from understanding the developmental trajectories of children who experience social and health problems must be used to create more effective policies and programs. Evidence from studies of risk, protection, and resilience has significantly affected our understanding of the onset and persistence of childhood and adolescent problems. Principles of risk, protection, and resilience have also been helpful in improving the rigor of prevention and treatment programs for children and youth. However, to date these principles have not been systematically applied to social policies for children and families. In this chapter, the authors argue that a public health perspective guiding policy development for children, youth, and families must incorporate key concepts of risk, protection, and resilience. They outline a public health framework for child and family policy based on these concepts, and introduce principles of ecological theory and life course development as essential parts of the framework.

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