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The Effect of Poor Parenting on Male and Female Dating Violence Perpetration and Victimization

Tyler, K. A.,
Brownridge, D. A.,
Melander, L. A.
Year Published: 2011
Journal Article
Violence and Victims 26(2):218-230
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

These authors examined the effects of poor parenting on male and female dating violence perpetration and victimization. They used from Waves 1 through 3 of the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health (Add Health). Results showed that more physical abuse and low parental warmth were linked to greater substance use and higher rates of delinquency. In addition, low parental warmth, more neglect, and greater delinquency had positive direct effects on dating violence perpetration, whereas more physical abuse, low parental warmth, and increased delinquency were all positively associated with dating violence victimization. Finally, delinquency mediated the link between low parental warmth and dating violence perpetration and victimization. Gender had a direct effect on violence perpetration (such that females were significantly more likely to report perpetration) but only an indirect effect on violence victimization. The results provide some support for both social learning theory and an antisocial orientation perspective. Modified Author Abstract.

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