Variation in Late Adolescents' Reports of Dating Violence Perpetration: A Dyadic Analysis

Schnurr, M. P.,
Lohman, B. J.,
Kaura, S. A.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2010
Springer Publishing Company
Violence and Victims, 25(1); 84-100: 2010
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

The purpose of this study was to fill two methodological gaps in the dating violence literature by using hierarchical linear modeling to: (a) examine whether partners agree on reports of their experiences with violence in their relationship; and (b) identify factors that may explain differences in these reports. The authors used data from 214 late adolescent dating couples who participated in the Relationship Dimensions Survey. The first hypothesis was supported, with a gender effect found across couples but not within couples. Results also supported a cognitive-ecological framework and the second hypothesis, showing that the individual- and relationship-related characteristics of experiencing physical child abuse, having accepting views of violence, drinking alcohol, and experiencing jealousy and low relationship satisfaction explained the variation in reports of dating violence perpetration across couples. Thus, these factors were not only precursors to dating violence perpetration, but they also explained late adolescents' under- or over-report of violence in their relationships. Modified Author Abstract.

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