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The Utility of Motivational Interviewing in Domestic Violence Shelters: A Qualitative Exploration

Hughes, M. J.,
Rasmussen, L. A.
Year Published: 2010
Journal Article
Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 19(3): 300-322, 2010
College of Health and Human Services, San Diego State University (Dean's Research Award

In this pilot study, the authors examined the use of motivational interviewing (MI) with 20 women receiving services at a domestic violence shelter, using qualitative and quantitative research methods. The experimental group (n = 10) received regular treatment services (RTS) from shelter counselors trained in MI, whereas the control group (n = 10) received RTS only. Qualitative methods were used to substantiate and expand upon the quantitative findings related to readiness for change, which were published separately. The qualitative findings, reported here, suggest that MI is an effective intervention for (a) enhancing the impact of RTS in survivors of intimate partner violence, and (b) increasing their self-efficacy about ending violence and avoiding violent relationships. Modified Author Abstract.

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