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Self-Presentation and Interaction in Blogs of Adolescents and Young Emerging Adults

Mazur, E.,
Kozarian, L.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2010
SAGE Publications
Journal of Adolescent Research 25(1); 124-144: 2010
Penn State research development grant

These authors analyzed 124 blogs (reverse-chronological, journal-type entries published on public hosting Web sites) as new and popular places for adolescents and emerging adults aged 15 to 19 to play openly with their self-presentation, an important aspect of identity exploration. They found that most young persons (a) write emotionally toned entries; (b) focus on their daily activities, friends, and romantic relationships; and (c) describe themselves and, to a lesser extent, their experiences, positively. These young bloggers often alter the content and appearance of their Web pages, most commonly with photographs of themselves. The number of friends listed by bloggers ranges widely. Most blog entries receive no or one comment, and most of these are supportive. The authors also briefly discuss gender and age differences in the blogs. They conclude that blogs written by adolescents and young emerging adults are less about direct interaction with others than about careful self-presentation. Modified Author Abstract.

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