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Relational Dynamics Associated with Adolescent Dating Violence: The Roles of Rejection Sensitivity and Relational Insecurity

Volz, A. R.,
Kerig, P. K.
Year Published: 2010
Journal Article
Journal of Aggression Maltreatment and Trauma, 19(6): 587-602, 2010
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Grant No. 200-2001-00123)

The significant rates of dating violence among adolescents have prompted investigations into underlying relational processes that might increase the risk for perpetration and victimization. Two relational constructs that have potential significance for predicting adolescent dating violence are rejection sensitivity and relational insecurity. In this study, the authors investigated the relationships among relational insecurity, rejection sensitivity, and dating violence perpetration and victimization, and whether these relationships were differentiated by gender, in a sample of 176 adolescents. Results indicate that relational insecurity fully mediated the relationship between rejection sensitivity and dating violence perpetration, and that relational insecurity was directly related to dating violence victimization. These findings suggest that adolescent dating violence prevention programs might need to address victimization and perpetration in different ways. Modified Author Abstract.

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