Control of the Self: Partner-Violent Men's Experience of Therapy

Shamai, M.,
Buchbinder, E.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2010
SAGE Publications
Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 25(7); 1338-1362: June 2010
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These authors explored the experience of men who participated in programs for partner-violent men by understanding their perceptions of the treatment process, the treatment outcomes, and the meaning they attached to it. The sample consisted of 25 men who completed these programs in agencies that specialized in treating domestic violence in Israel. A qualitative methodology was used to collect and analyze the data. The findings revealed that most of the men experienced therapy as positive and meaningful and underwent personal changes, especially the acquisition of self-control. Further analysis of the data, however, shows that the men still used a power scheme in understanding and creating relationships with others, especially with their female partner. The authors discuss the findings with regard to the complex and contradictory impact of the treatment process as it appears in the participants' experiences and in the meaning they attached to it. Modified Author Abstract.

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