ACT Against Violence Parents Raising Safe Kids Program: Effects on Maltreatment-Related Parenting Behaviors and Beliefs

Knox, M. S.,
Burkhart, K.,
Hunter, K. E.
Journal Article
Year Published: 2010
Sage Publications
Journal of Family Issues, forthcoming
University of Toledo

The ACT Against Violence Parents Raising Safe Kids program (ACT-PRSK) is an interactive violence prevention program developed by the American Psychological Association for parents of young children. The program trains parents in effective parenting, including nonviolent discipline, child development, anger management, social problem-solving, effects of media on children, and methods to protect children from exposure to violence. In this study, the authors examined the effects of the program on parenting behaviors in a sample of 92 parents/caregivers of young children. The first 50 participants were assigned to the intervention group and completed the ACT-PRSK program, and the remaining 42 parents/caregivers served as comparisons. Study results support the efficacy of the program in reducing harsh and hostile parenting behaviors and attitudes, reducing physical violence toward children, and improving parents' use of methods to teach children positive, nonviolent social skills. In particular, after 8 weeks of training in the program, parents and caregivers reported significantly reduced spanking and hitting of children with objects. Modified Author Abstract.

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